Political Opinion or Biblical Plumb line?

(This message was originally published on January 31, 2014)

January 2014 is/was a month that has caused even more concern among those who are seeking to hold and proclaim biblical beliefs. In Virginia, and in certain portions of the United States, some have noted political shifts and changing opinions on ‘social issues.’

Recently Virginia’s newly installed Attorney General said that his office will not positively defend Virginia’s Constitutional amendment on marriage – that his office will take the position that marriage should be valid between people of the same sex.

The United States marked forty years of abortion being available on demand. This means that millions of unborn children have been aborted.

I didn’t watch it, but I know that at the recent Grammy awards a large scale ‘marriage ceremony’ was officiated. Of course, no doubt there were many other escapades at that event.

Now, in all honesty, I don’t expect the Grammy’s to be like going to a revival service. I don’t expect unbelievers to act like believers. I don’t assume that all officials in the government will even hold to my beliefs. I recognize that Our Lord is more Supreme than the Supreme Court.

Now, why even bring these matters before us as church leaders and followers of Jesus.

The bottom line for followers of Jesus is that we must, by the grace of God and power of His Spirit, continue to “believe” biblically and “behave” biblically.

Charles Spurgeon while ministering in 1876 Victorian England said the following in a sermon, “Use the plumb line to see whether it is all straight and square. Try all the doctrines that are taught and do not embrace that which is popular, but that which is Biblical!”

In construction a plumb line was used to make sure a structure was built straight, sound, and secure. Now builders use laser levels and much more high tech instruments. However, the principle remains the same. Something is either straight or its not. Truth is truth.

We may find ourselves living in an age of relativism. But, I must remember that this was true in the 1st Century just as it is in this 21st Century. In response to Jesus, Pilate, asked, “what is truth?” Jesus is Lord, that’s true. God’s Word is sure, that’s true. People are lost and in darkness without Christ, that’s true. So how do we respond:

1) We must proclaim the Gospel in word and deed.

2) We should participate as active citizens in this nation, while being ambassadors for Christ.

3) We can pray for revival and spiritual awakening.

Our U.S. Constitution famously says, “We the People.” May “We the Church” be that city shining on a hill…

Therefore, I want to submit a request that you call your church to PRAY. Perhaps, this Sunday, pray for revival and spiritual awakening. Secondly, consider how your church is proclaiming the Gospel. Finally, encourage one another in the task we have to be in this world and not of it – to be ambassadors for Christ, and residents of this country.

May the Lord encourage you as you serve Him, stand for Him, and share about Him!

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