Summer is more than vacation for students!

Here are some lessons learned and words of wisdom from some students who served at a recent student missions camp week through the SBC of Virginia:

“What I learned this week is how to witness and how important it is to witness, and that sometimes you could be affecting where people spend their eternity.” Hannah

“I learned that witnessing is not really that hard, all you have to do is let the Bible speaks for itself.” Brittany

“I learned this week that I should share the gospel no matter how bad it may embarrass me.  After the sermon yesterday I felt led to go call my brother because he’s not a believer. So that’s what I did!” (no name given)

“This week I’ve just realized how prideful I am – how much pride I take in myself…in my prayer life I always just pray for me and never really pray for anyone else. So prideful, I’m at school and I’m thinking ‘Dude, what would people think of me if they knew I was a Christian?’ So when I get to school I’m going to look them in the face and tell them I’m a follower of Jesus Christ.” –  Gavin

“This week I was just really convicted over the sin of omission – for failing to tell people about Christ…it’s not that hard…so I feel called to challenge you guys and I’m challenging myself to do this: tell someone about Jesus every day.” Evan

“This week I’ve learned that we’ve got to stop shying away from doing stuff, because you could be that one person who ends up changing people’s lives.” Grace

“The mission isn’t over when the week is over. When you go home,  when you see all your friends, the mission still continues. You still have to do God’s will – that never ends!” Brandon

“This camp has taught me so much about witnessing and stuff. I realize that we need to witness to people and that we need to step out of our comfort zone because there are people who need us, and who are lost and we need to show them the way…. And I’ve learned that it’s not about me, but it’s all about Jesus.”

“We are ALL called to missions – to be on mission in our community.” Hunter

“One of the things that I’ve learned is that it’s really not that hard to share with others about Jesus.  Even when it does feel awkward or scary that God gives us the strength to do it. It’s not our job to make them except Jesus but just to tell them about Jesus.” Lydia

“This week I felt the Holy Spirit convicting me to witness and spread my faith…and I think that you should too.” James

May the words of a new generation committed to Christ’s mission encourage our hearts today!

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